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Military HIstory Consulting:

My passion for military history brings me in contact with many projects needing historical copy editing, research, fact-checking, etc. If you're working on a book, movie, or other creative piece set in a historical setting, I'd be happy to help you bring its context, action, and characters to life. My focus areas are 20th Century military history to the present. I look forward to working with you to add military and historical accuracy to your work.

Jeremy assisted me with my published work more than once. For the battle scenes in my current series, his advice on the technical aspects helped my editor and I to evaluate my presentation and set everything in the right tone. For another story I wrote, he picked up historical inaccuracies that I overlooked because I didn’t think they needed checking in the first place. Jeremy’s help had been invaluable and I was thoroughly impressed with his depth of knowledge. I highly recommend his services to anyone who wishes to create top-notch work.

- Alexa Kang (Author of the Rose of Anzio series)


Simply fill out the form on the left, letting me know what you're doing and how to get in touch with you. My rates are flexible depending on the length of the piece, need for intense or simple review, and other factors.