Crisp morning air saturates my face as I exist the terrorist threatened State Department headquarters.

I must get out of here!

Brushing gently across the back of my right shoulder, a soft hand jerks me out of my head.

“Where are we supposed to go?” my friend and fellow Presidential Management Fellow, Sarah, asks, as if I have an answer.

Why would I have an answer? I don’t know what’s going on!

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Just like today

I came across this article with newly colored images from World War I and could not help but connect the faces to the faces we see today. These are people caught up in something far bigger than any one of them, yet making their way through as best they can. It's so compelling when seeing images in black-and-white to consider it a long and forgotten time ago. Yet, when color is added, the reality comes into perspective. Connecting with our past, with those in war, is the only way to come closer to realizing what it must have meant to be there.