I’d rather be working than watching these jerks launch a military training ship named after one of their fallen goons! Why did we have to come in on a Sunday, without pay, to participate in this propaganda spectacle?

It appears the entire staff of Blohm + Voss, Hamburg is here. Thousands upon thousands of steel workers, crane operators, administrative staff, shipwrights, and secretaries, all not working, not going to Church, not with their families.

What a waste of time this is. Just launch the poorly named ship and let us get back to our lives.

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The March

The Fuhrer marches up to The Leader in time to the even beats of Wagner’s wedding song. The Duce stands like a bridegroom awaiting his bride before the altar.

The marriage of Italy and Germany, Europe’s Fascist core, will mean great things for the World! 

Corrado, who is standing next to me and holding up a fasces, elbows me in the ribs. He whispers, “I wonder if they’re going to exchange rings.” 

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