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Threads of The War, Volumes 1-3 collects and shares personal narratives during real events across the span of The 20th Century's War. From the private study of the Kaiser in the summer of 1914, through the almost empty trenches on the last day of World War I, across the frosty Icelandic landmass in 1940 into the hills of Korea in 1951, these short easily-readable, yet emotionally compelling, bursts of truth--based first person accounts of multiple facets of war open the door to the facts, fictions, and fallacies of armed violence. Following each story, the reader is provided specific and revealing facts about the events narrated, offering both entertainment and education within the time it takes to read a blog-post.

Threads of War is a gripping account of warfare in the 20th Century. The author has given rich new life to stories that may otherwise be forgotten. Volume III is darker than the others, artfully displaying the futility, hopelessness, and bleakness of war. Yet, glimmers of humanity shine through in some of the stories, inspiring hope at a time in our own history when we could all stand to learn a thing or two from the Greatest Generation. - Caitlin
This is yet another strong collection of stories.  A vibrant strength of the book is its look at the personalities of the people involved, which as much as anything else helped determine who won or lost.  You show repeatedly the human cost of decisions made by some, and this lends so much humanity to the collection. I really think you have found a niche in story telling that has strong roots in non-fiction but has the good story telling and story progression of fiction. . .The stories in this third collection are no less impressive than the first two which only further confirms my suspicions – that incidents and events for whatever reason escape the eyes of historians, novelists, and enthusiasts.  You do a good job highlighting these incidents, which further demonstrates that history is composed of a series of incidents both big and small, not one or two large ones. . . Very good job here and thank you for allowing me to read the fine fruits of your effort and talent. - Emilio
Once again Jeremy Strozer has shown his unique writing and storytelling talent as he provides us many interesting war fiction narratives which are based upon real life incidents and facts.  His stories are interesting, insightful and consistently demonstrate the futility, drama, waste and unneeded loss of human life which result from warfare.  - Richard